Equifax Cyber Incident


Equifax have posted a statement on their UK website confirming that around 400,000 UK citizens have been affected by the recent cybersecurity hack.

The security breach is limited to name, date of birth, email addresses and telephone numbers and does not include addresses, passwords or financial information.

Equifax  statement.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that the main risk to those affected is the possibility of receiving more targeted phishing emails. The stolen data can be used to make false email messages look very authentic as fraudsters can use your real name and  your telephone number to look like authentic emails.

These phishing emails can come from any source unrelated to Equifax and can look very realistic and can be used to trick unwary recipients into clicking on malicious links or even replying to these fraudsters.

With the stolen telephone numbers there is the opportunity for scammers to attempt to target unsuspecting users with scam phone calls.

The Advice

NEVER share passwords or bank details with anyone on the phone or by email and NEVER click on a link or attachment unless you are absolutely assured that the link is authentic.

If you’re not sure don’t click on it!